Goodell shifts the mandate, preaches about life next football, whiffs aboard concussionsBy There's only so many Goodell can do,but is it enough? (Getty Images)Right now the NFL has two elephants among its living room; appealing as the federation that the suite namely so colossal Two related problems that could annoy the country's maximum new sport within years come: The increasing perception that those among charge of pro football are relatively unconcerned almcheap nike nfl jerseysost concussions offensive their constant conversation virtually the subject; and the increasing issues men face while their careers amid pro football are over.brbrTwo events brought these concerns into sharper converge within the last annual The concussion issue became a real embarrassment for the league while Cleveland Browns quarterback was let back within the game within a December loss to the offensive the fact that he was naturally leveled forward Steelerscheap nfl jerseys linebacker James Harrison, and was wobbly by best once he was competent to stand up. The NFL had to deal with the fact that the diagnostic process was "," and a few mystic fixes were proposed.brbrThe problems encountered forward ex-players, which has been amid the news aboard an on-and-off basis for a number of years, was pushed apt the fore while hereafter Hall of Fame linebacker Junior Seau . Whether Seau's death was related to concussion-related trauma,or onfl jerseys chinather difficulties among his life, the fantasy that such a agreeable man could be so entirely undone forward the post-football life had a lot of people asking why more isn't being done aboard an outreach basis for those favor Seau -- the ones who are afraid to ask as assistance for whatever reason.brbrSo, it's been again eventful offseason for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Recently, Goodell , and tried apt spin these two subjects in a more affirmative directiocheap nike nfl jerseysn.brbr"Our focus has been aboard the amount health of our players. We have programs from the phase they enter the league programs meantime you're among the league and quickly adviser of player engagement Troy Vincent has been creating programs helping them transition out of the game. It's many more complicated as these individuals than we might think. Talking to the players and talking apt professionals, that transition needs some focus in how we provide them tnfl jerseys cheaphe resources. It's never equitable their physical health; it's expanding of the thinking health resources. How do we support identify somebody that may absence support get that assistance to them and what are the resources that he has? ... There's still that stigma that cerebral health is a paralysis It's never Depression, anxiety -- these are very common and can be dealt with among a diversity of alter fashions. Some with medicine, some with counseling, some wcheap nike nfl jerseysith additional forms of donation When they're not dealt with, they have a tendency apt spiral and apt transform many more complicated.''brbrColt McCoy had his trainers looking by his hand next the Harrison buffet (Getty Images)brbrOf course the question still remains -- why has the league taken so long to avow this when it's been such an issue as so long? When he talked virtually Seau, Goodell revealed a morsel of awareness, which was a slightly encouraging sigcheap


Representing SAMSON's presence in SE Asia is SAMSON CONTROLS PTE LTD, SINGAPORE

Established in 1994, SAMSON CONTROLS PTE LTD is a subsidiary of SAMSON AG, recognized today as a Premier supplier of high-quality Control valves and Services in SE Asia.

We have a dedicated and professional team of staff in Singapore, supported by a network of well-trained distributors in the region to provide sales & technical support services to SAMSON customers here.

The co-location of our SAMSON AG (Asia Pacific) Service Center in Singapore further provides customers in the Asia-Pacific region with timely service support and technical advice within the same time zone.

An important part of our globalization strategy is to offer our SAMSON customers a consistent level of excellent SAMSON service and support, wherever they may be located - whether in Germany or here in SE Asia. And increasingly, we see also the need to better coordinate within our worldwide SAMSON organizations in the pursuit of new projects and opportunities. Singapore is centrally located in SE Asia and this enables us to speedily tap and harness our global SAMSON network of expertise and experiences to service our global customers here in this region.

To affirm our long-term commitment in the SE Asian region, SAMSON has invested in our own SAMSON building in Singapore. This is a new 4-storey building with total area of 1,500 m²; incorporating sales/technical office, training center, warehouse/workshop and Service Competence Center. This facility will also serve as a Regional Training and Distribution Center for SE Asia.

We have established one of the largest stocks of globe control valves in the SE Asia region. With our comprehensive inventory of stocks in excess of Euro 2.0 mil, we are able to deliver control valves and spare parts at short notice. This is a strong benefit for customers especially in times of plant emergencies and unscheduled shutdowns.

Our stocks include:

–  Valve body assemblies from 1/2" to 6", in cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel material
–  Valve actuators in various sizes and spring ranges
–  Valve accessories such as positioners [4 to 20 mA, HART, Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus version], limit switches, solenoid valves and Air filter regulators
–  Valve spares including Plug, Seat, Gasket, Packing and Diaphragm


  Comprehensive inventories

  Valve test bench

SAMSON—a name recognized worldwide as a synonym for high-quality work, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative strength. Today SAMSON is a worldwide leading manufacturer of expertly engineered control valves and accessories for all industrial process.

The history of SAMSON is filled with the spirit of invention. It started in 1907 when the company was founded by Hermann Sandvoss. His first patent marked the beginning of a development which still today represents one of the company's main product lines: self-operated regulators.

Today, SAMSON is represented in more than 50 countries by 53 independent subsidiaries and 79 engineering and sales offices. Highly trained personnel carry out assembly and service work on site. A well-tuned logistics system assures delivery on time.

Since 1916, the manufacturing plant and head office have been located on the river Main in Frankfurt, Germany. Here, the product development and manufacturing take place as well as administration and warehousing.

The Frankfurt headquarters and the affiliated companies employ and train more than 3,400 people to become highly skilled specialists with a genuine commitment to the company.


  SAMSON Headquarters
  in Frankfurt, Germany

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